Fit4DutyTM offers the following services to strengthen governance and build Anti-Corruption Programmes for government agencies and corporations:


Fit4DutyTM has developed training programs for police oversight bodies and corporate management.  Training curriculum can be modified to meet your needs.

The training for police oversight bodies is derived from recommendations made in the Independent Police Oversight Review, as well as previous reports dating back to 1989.  This training can be provided to the entire board or to new members as they are appointed and covers such topics as; legislated authorities, race relations, policy, community engagement, etc.

Corporations have the opportunity to utilize Fit4DutyTM to bring The Ethical StandardTM required of police oversight bodies to their organization.  Topics include; ethics, anti-corruption, quality assurance, etc.

Policy Evaluation & Development

Is your Health and Safety policy Bill 132 compliant?  Have you done everything you can as an employer to avoid complaints and lawsuits?  Let Fit4DutyTM consult with your management team to address deficiencies.  Fit4DutyTM utilizes principles identified by Transparency International to help government agencies and corporations develop policy to mitigate the risks of corruption.


You may feel as though you have your finger on the pulse of your organization.  Fit4DutyTM surveys are an affordable and convenient way for you to confirm that your organization is already meeting The Ethical StandardTM, or you may discover you need to implement a Whistleblower Program to identify issues before they become headlines.  Surveys are also a fantastic way to continuously monitor the quality of your products and services, and can be utilized during promotional processes to complete 360 degree evaluations.

Speaking Engagements

Our speakers can be scheduled to address crowds of any size on issues such as; Ethics, Integrity, Whistleblowing, Policing, PTSD, Gender Issues, Race Relations, and many more!

​Whistleblower Programs

What would your people tell you if they knew they could do so anonymously and without the fear of reprisal?  

Fit4DutyTM will survey your employees to determine the current ethical climate free of charge when you sign an agreement to subscribe to Fit4DutyTM's Whistleblower Program if the results show that even one employee turned a blind eye to conduct that should have been reported.

Our Whistleblower Program is the only independent and impartial program that handles reports start to finish with professionalism and integrity.  Your people will trust our encrypted, anonymous reporting form for allegations of conflicts of interest, harassment, illegal or unethical conduct.  We not only collect the reports, our team of experienced and ethical investigators will determine if the allegation is substantiated and will produce an investigative report.  Statistical reports will be prepared semi-annually or quarterly detailing the success of the program.  You won't need to staff a whistleblower department, and you can't be accused of bias.  Let the Fit4DutyTM team assure your community or stakeholders that you are committed to accountability and transparency.

With every form we create, we include an option for employees to report to Fit4DutyTM that they are struggling with mental health or addiction.  A Fit4DutyTM representative will get them in touch with an outreach worker, and no one from the company or government agency ever has to know.  Fit4DutyTM will fulfill your commitment to your employees, your customers and the public.