Stay tuned for links to encrypted forms for whistleblowers of subscribed agencies to report conflicts of interest, harassment, illegal and unethical conduct.

What makes Fit4DutyTM's whistleblower program stand out from the competition is that we don't just collect the information and send it back to an employee at the same agency.  We conduct investigations to determine whether or not the report is substantiated and if so, we provide an investigative report to the governing body with a suggested remedy.  We also provide semi-annual progress reports regarding the usage of the program. You don't need to hire and train your staff, you can utilize our experienced and trained investigators for one low annual subscription rate.

Without a strictly independent and impartial investigation done by individuals who have demonstrated high ethics and integrity, the program could not achieve The Ethical StandardTM.  

Not a subscriber?  Contact Fit4DutyTM to raise The Ethical StandardTM at your organization.